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Powerful dedicated servers powered by Path Network, Inc. 14Tbps+ DDoS protection for optimal uptime, security, and stability.

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14Tbps+ Enterprise DDoS Protection by Path Network, Inc

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2+N redundant 40Gbps Juniper network stack through AS57974

Bring your own IP, with free BGP peering

Datacenter-level firewall solution offered by Path

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Easy to use and powerful Dedicated Control Panel

Diverse transit links via Path Network, Inc (AS396998)

PhoenixNAP Datacenter, Phoenix, AZ

PhoenixNAP Phoenix, AZ as seen from outside

PlasmaRack has colocation facilities at the PhoenixNAP datacenter in Phoenix, AZ. The facility is up to Tier 3 spec and highly secure featuring multi-factor authentication mechanisms, multi-tier security zones, and high-perimiter walls.

PlasmaRack is connected with Path Network, Inc. (AS396998) for IP transit at the facility, who operate a cage there for delivering internet and their all-in-one DDoS protection solution.

Other large infrastructure and enterprise services providers have chosen PhoenixNAP Phoenix, AZ for their infrastructure including DediPath and others.

All of PlasmaRack's equipment at the facility is N+2 redundant, power-wise and network-wise.